Monday, February 18, 2008

Google Analytics — Get the free ebook

Google Analytics is a free service that allows you to discover (non-personal) information about the visitors to your website. G. A. is best-known for its connection with Google's adwords, and marketing Gurus use it to analyze websites to make bigger bucks. Yet this free tool can be used by anyone -- individuals and non-profit organizations -- who wants to increase the popularity of their websites.

Epublishers Weekly has produced a free ebook:

Google Analytics: A Quick Guide to the Basics.

You can read the full-sized version of this ebook (thanks to Scribd and their new iPaper) by clicking this link:

This 70-page ebook is written for the new user. Mainly designed for individuals and non-profits, it can be read profitably by business-website owners, and anyone who needs a basic understanding of what G.A. is all about. Illustrated with screen shots, the ebook concludes with a page of resources for learning more about Google Analytics.

The ebook is free with no strings attached: except a one-page advertisement by the sponsor, on the very last page of the ebook.

Here is a miniature preview of the ebook. To turn the pages, just scroll the scroll bar. To read the full-sized version, just click on the square in the upper right-hand corner of the miniature preview. Or, click this link: