Monday, April 14, 2008

TV Turnoff Week April 21 to 27 ... Live Outside the Box

"Live outside the box,"
might be the motto for the Center for Screen-Time Awareness, the group that coordinates TV Turn-off Week. This year, the week runs from April 21 to April 27. For more information, visit the website:

See also the ebook published by Zorba Press:

The Terrible Tale of the Televisiion Baby and the Baby-Eating Dog

(and other resources for living with less TV)

Learn more about the ebook here.

For a hilarious and ingenious glimpse of the downside of TV, watch == The T.V. of Tomorrow == by Tex Avery. Produced in 1952, it pre-envisions some of the unintended effects of too much television viewing. To watch the video, click the arrow in the center of the screen.

And here is a picture of Tex Avery's version of the iPhone: 55 years before the iPhone was invented: