Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Obama Wins Democratic Nomination for U.S. President

Barack Obama

Barack Obama will almost certainly win the Democratic Party nomination, some time this evening. Congratulations to Senator Obama.

What is happening in America has not happened since J.F.K. -- Americans of all ages and backgrounds are filled with enthusiasm about politics and political leaders. We sense the return of honest government, intelligent government, and compassionate government. We dream of health care for all our citizens; and a sound economy, where everyone has enough. We want America to become a leader in environmental issues, and to move toward a sustainable -- or, "green" -- society. And we hope for peace in the world, and good feelings of brotherhood with all human beings, in all nations.

Senator Hillary Clinton waged a courageous campaign, and proved that she is respected and admired by millions of Americans. Clinton said today, for the first time, that if she is asked by Obama, then she will consider accepting the position of Vice President on the Democratic ticket. Her greatest test will come this evening, if she accepts defeat gracefully, and devotes herself wholeheartedly to helping the Obama campaign win the election in November 2008.

This good man and that good woman, in the two top governmental roles, would create what America needs most: smart change.

Here is Barack Obama's speech on the historic evening of June 3, 2008.