Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year and Happy New Decade 2010

postcard Happy New Year 1910

Happy New Year, and Happy New Decade, 2010.

This New Year's postcard (drawn by Frances Brundage), from the year 1910, shows Baby New Year holding a scyth (a symbol of a fruitful field) talking with Father Time, who has done his work for the year and now sits down to rest, and to share his experience and wisdom with the young child.

The old man in the card reminded me of my grandfather, who would always laugh and tell me:

Sing — like you are in the shower!
Dance — like nobody is watching!
Drive —as if you're uninsured!

This year, I have one resolution only: to follow the wise words from the poet Rumi (and the epigraph of our book, Zenlightenment!):

The One Thing

You have a duty to perform.
Do anything else, do any number of things,
occupy your time fully,
and yet,
if you do not do this task,
your time will have been wasted.

Take care of your own health, your own happiness, your family and friends — and
all good things will come to you.

—Michael Pastore