Monday, March 29, 2010

Crimson - Latin Music By Sally Ramirez and Doug Robinson

Crimson is the title of a new CD of Latin music, featuring the enchanting voice of Sally Ramirez, and the extraordinary guitar of Doug Robinson.

Here you'll find an eclectic array of 15 exciting songs: some known favorites with new twists ("It Might as Well Be Spring" and "Guantanamera" and "Caravan"), and a dozen lesser-known gems.

In four words, I can tell you everything you need to know about this CD:

This is great music.

The synergy of these two fine artists makes every song special, filled with passion, surprises and sweet sounds.

Hear for yourself. Visit the CD's web page:

where you can listen to many of the songs for free.

You can buy the CD for only $ 12.00 (plus $ 2.95 shipping). Or get the same sounds as a digital download (MP3 files) for $ 9.99.

For more information about Ramirez and Robinson, visit their web site:

Michael Pastore