Monday, March 17, 2008

Zorba the Greek, a Clip from the Film

Wrote Albert Camus:
"In the midst of Winter, I found within myself an eternal Summer."

And the Zen master Masahide said:

My storehouse
burned down
Nothing obscures the view
of the bright moon.

Watch this scene from the film Zorba the Greek. The boss and Zorba had invested everything -- months of labor and all their cash -- in great scheme to transport lumber from the top of a mountain to the land below. But the technology fails, and they lose everything.

After viewing the film clip, watch the entire film; then read the novel -- and remember to celebrate your life.

That's not all. There is a ballet version of Zorba the Greek, where the boss has learned quite a bit about dancing. Click the READ MORE link, and then scroll on down to see it.

Watch the ballet in the clip below. And contact Multigram for the DVD of the entire performance: