Monday, March 03, 2008

Save the Internet — Support Net Neutrality

What is Net Neutrality ? A belief that the Internet should remain equal for all users, and free from interference from the telecommunications companies who provide broadband service to consumers. These broadband companies want to destroy Net Neutrality, to create a "two-lane" information highway system. Those who pay more would get the fast-lane service, and those who pay less would get the slow lane, with the possibility that some content from the Internet would be filtered out according to the whims and whams of your ISP.

Net neutrality is the way that, for the most part, the Internet is working now. But the big companies are trying to change the laws to allow them to control the content-flow, and thereby create an undemocratic Internet.

Lots of people are not happy with this move by the telecommunications giants. But the solution is not as easy as "change your ISP." Broadband buyers often have little or no choice all.

What can we do? ... An excellent group, Save the Internet, is organizing an effort to preserve net neutrality. And Congressman Ed Markey is attempting to pass a bill that will protect our Internet freedom.

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