Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Unfit For Publication - a free ebook from the Obama Campaign

Unfit for Publication (edited cover)

Truth will set us free.

Unfit for Publication is a new ebook, written and published by the Obama campaign. This 40-page PDF document exposes the lies in a recent book about Obama, titled Obama Nation. Download this rebuttal today: it tells the truth about Obama's life and extraordinary work.

The goal of this ebook, of course, is to prevent the same kind of character assassination (now known as "swift-boating") that plagued the John Kerry presidential run in 2004.

You can download this ebook, free, from the Obama campaign website, via this page:

You will notice that the cover of the ebook shows the face of the author of the smear book. We at Epublishers Weekly could not stand to look at this cowardly face, therefore we covered it up. You will see the actual image of the author's face when you visit the Obama website, and download the free ebook.

The New York Times has written about this work:

NY Times article about Unfit for Publication:

Not everything that is written deserves to be published. It is shocking to learn that the smear-book was published by an affiliate of Simon & Schuster publishers. This is a blemish on their professionalism, one which lowers the prestige of that company to the level of a tabloid newspaper.

Yet it is encouraging to see that the Obama campaign is fighting back against fanaticism and cowardice in the world of mainstream book publishing. As the old proverb reminds us: "Heaven and Earth have sworn the truth shall be disclosed."