Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hillary Clinton Unites the Democrats

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton, with an inspired and inspiring speech at the Democratic National Convention last night, united the Democrats as she urged them to join together to accomplish their essential goals.

There were two great comic lines, but for the most part, Clinton eloquently epitomized the Democratic platform, and re-affirmed her support for Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

The speech last evening resolves every doubt, in my mind, about the issue of whether or not women who supported Hillary will vote for Obama: they will. Skeptics may still murmur that Hillary wanted to be president to serve her own selfish needs for power. Last evening, these doubts as well were vanquished as Senator Clinton shined -- with courage, sincerity, and grace -- in the most significant moment of her career.

Read her speech here (NY Times log in required):

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