Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Secret Guide to Computers by Russ Walter - 30th Edition

cover of Secret Guide to Computers

If writing computer books were an Olympic sport, then Russ Walter would have earned 30 gold medals. The latest edition of his perennial gem — The Secret Guide to Computers, 30th edition — is still clear and comprehensive, priced to sell, and delightfully fun to read.

The Secret Guide to Computers, 30th edition for 2008
by Russ Walter
Paperback, 575 pages, $ 20
ISBN: 978-0-939151-30-1
Available from http://www.SecretFun.com

This book is really eight books in one. You’ll learn all the essentials from chapters titled: Buyer’s Guide; Operating Systems; Internet; Fixes; Word Processing; Tricky Applications; Programming; and Management.

This 2008 Secret Guide contains more than 30,000 improvements compared with the previous edition. New topics include sections about Windows Vista, blogging, editing photos and videos, websites worth visiting, and the latest advice on buying hardware.

Russ Walter is crazy about computers: he loves them. His passion is contagious and his teaching-skills are unsurpassed. Even his chapters about programming, typically a complex subject for beginners, are made interesting and easy to understand. When I read a typical computer book I am grimacing and wiping the sweat from my brow; when I read the Secret Guide I am laughing as I learn.

Recently, Russ has added another member to his publishing family: a book called Tricky Living. (We hope to review that book in an upcoming issue of Epublishers Weekly.) More information about both books can be found on the website: http://www.SecretFun.com. Here at this website you can read parts of The Secret Guide online. The book is also available as a series of PDF documents on a CD that can be purchased from the site.

Technological literacy, in these changing hi-tech times, is as important as Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic. Everyone, young and old, should take a bit of time to learn the new worlds of technology. With a basic knowledge, you will accomplish more work — and do better work — in less time. Most importantly, computer technology will help you to learn just about anything you need to learn.

Russ Walter has worked very hard to make life easy for the rest of us. He has put all the fundamentals about computing inside the covers of one extraordinary book.