Thursday, February 05, 2009

Summer Camp Jobs USA (new book and ebook bargain)

Book cover of Summer Camp Jobs USA

Summer Camp Jobs USA is a new book published as a pocket-sized paperback (204 pages), and also as an ebook in two formats: PDF and ePub. If you visit the web page of the paperback book, you will find a strange message at the top. The message says: "Do not buy the paperback." And the message is written by the author himself.

This is an oxymoron known as "honest marketing." It reminds me of that splendid scene in the film "Miracle on 34th Street." A man named Kris Kringle lands a job as the Santa Claus in Macy's, a large department store in New York City. When a customer asks for a fire engine for her son, Santa tells the customer that she can find it at Schoenfelds, a competing store nearby. Schoenfeld's. Later, Santa refers another customer to Gimbels, another competing store.

At first, the manager at Macy's is furious, because the standard store policy — when a customer asks for a product not carried by Macy's — is to suggest an alternate product that Macy's carries. But soon, the customers report that they are so happy about the honesty of that Santa Claus, that they will forever after be loyal customers of Macy's!

The author of Summer Camp Jobs USA wants readers to know that they can buy the paperback for $ 18, or the ebook — with all the same content of the paperback except the paper — for one dollar.

The technology to make it possible is here, and our economy is plunging ever-deeper into a heartbreaking recession. The time has come for the one-buck ebook!

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