Sunday, March 08, 2009

New Ebook -50 Benefits of Ebooks- Published March 8

cover of book 50 Benefits of Ebooks

Important Note:
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50 Benefits of Ebooks:

A Thinking Person's Introduction to the Digital Reading Revolution, Where Ebooks Are Low-Cost or Free.

Happy "Read an Ebook Week!" ... Celebrate by reading a new ebook about ebooks! ...
The book was published today, on March 8. The paperback will be released on April 8 -- for $ 20. You can get the ebook for $ 1 (one) dollar.

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About The New Ebook

50 Benefits of Ebooks is a lively introduction to the brave new worlds of ebooks and electronic publishing. The book makes no attempt to be comprehensive. Instead, the work focuses on 3 areas:
1) the new, useful and most interesting aspects of the ebook experience;
2) the free (and approaching low-cost) ebooks that might inspire a genuine publishing
revolution; and
3) how reading good books (whether made of paper or of bytes) might transform our culture and our personal lives.

The Ebook Version is 1/20th the Price of the Paperback

This book is being published in paperback, and as an ebook, in the formats PDF and ePub.
The book’s companion blog and website, ( – urges readers NOT to buy the pocket-sized 320-page paperback, which costs $ 20. The ebook version costs one dollar, saves trees, and contains all the same content as the paperback – except the paper!

Read It As Loudly As You Like

And here’s a bonus: You, and all the reading devices in the world, are perfectly welcome to read this work aloud.

21 Chapters :: 5 Sections :: 40,000 Words

The book's 21 chapters are divided into five sections:
A. Benefits of Ebooks and Paper Books
B. Reading Ebooks
C. Ebooks for Authors and Publishers
D. The Value of Reading
E. The Education of an Ebooklover

Ebook newcomers will find the basics here. Scholars and mothers, concerned about the dumbing effects of technology, will be gripped by the essay “The Monster Reads!”. And ebook professionals can debate and debunk the author's wild predictions for the rosy and thorny future of ebooks, by devouring the essay: “Publishing Ebooks – Ten Tremendous Trends in 2009 .”

Author Michael Pastore writes:
"I love paper books, and I hope that they are never completely replaced by their electronic progeny. Nevertheless, every day, ebooks are growing in use, in sales, and in significance. After years of sputtering, the Digital Reading Revolution has at last arrived. 50 Benefits of Ebooks is your friendly and reliable guide."

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