Wednesday, April 08, 2009

50 Benefits of Ebooks is Now in Paperback

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50 Benefits of Ebooks
A Thinking Persons’s Introduction to the Digital Reading Revolution
Edition 2009
by Michael Pastore
Paperback, pocket-sized 4.25" x 6.88"
320 pages
ISBN: 978-0927379-17-5
Published by Zorba Press, April 2009
$ 20

50 Benefits of Ebooks is a lively introduction to the brave new worlds of ebooks and electronic publishing. In 21 chapters, the book explores five essential aspects of ebook reading, writing and publishing:

A. Benefits of Ebooks and Paper Books
B. Reading Ebooks
C. Ebooks for Authors and Publishers
D. The Value of Reading; and
E. The Education of An Ebooklover (resources)

Ebook newcomers will find all the basics here. And ebook experts can debate and debunk the author’s wild predictions for the rosy and thorny future of ebooks, by reading the essay, “Publishing Ebooks: Ten Tremendous Trends in 20009.” Authors will discover tips, tricks and resources for ebook publishing; and library professionals will enjoy the book’s glossary, index, links to leading-edge ebook sites, and sections about how and why ebooks are good for libraries.

The paperback edition of this book is pocket-sized, 320 pages, about 40,000 words — and sells for $20. The ebook editions (in formats ePub and PDF) contain all the same content as the paperback — except the paper. The ebook editions are 1/20th of the paperback price, and sell for one dollar.

Pastore writes that he loves paper books, and hopes that they are never replaced by their electronic progeny. Nevertheless, every day, ebooks are growing in use, in sales, and in significance. After years of sputtering, the digital reading revolution has at last arrived.

50 Benefits of Ebooks is your friendly guide.

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New Paperback and 1-Dollar Ebook Explores the Joy of Reading Ebooks