Monday, April 06, 2009

MacHeist Bundle: The Last Day

Macheist Bundle 2009

The MacHeist Bundle is a collection of Mac software applications offered — for a limited time only — for a very low price.

It's a great deal for Mac users, and today is the last day of this zany sale.

Ten percent of your purchase goes to charities.

I bought my "bundle" about a week ago, and already I've been using some of the applications: Acorn, a graphics editor (list price: $ 49); Picturesque, for enhancing images (list price: $ 39); Kinemac, for creating 3D animations (list price: $ 299); WireTap Studio, for audio recording (list price: $ 69), and Times, an RSS reader (list price, $ 30). All these — and 8 more applications — were snagged for the insanely low price of $ 39.

There is some drama in this event: if a goal is attained ($ 500,000 for charity), then the final two applications will "unlock" — meaning, they will be made available to the MacHeist buyers.

Take a look at the MacHeist page, and if one of these featured applications is something you can use, then don't hesitate to buy. It sounds too good to be true, but it is true: you get the full versions of these products, with no gimmicks and no strings attached. Payment options include major credit cards and PayPal.

update on Macheist Bundle 2009

At 10:45 am, EST, Macheist achieved its goal of $ 500,000 for charity. Congratulations to the MacHeist staff! Everybody wins: charities get half a million dollars; customers get a great deal; and software developers get more than 50,000 new customers. And other businesses might want to look at the MacHeist model for innovative ideas to promote their work.

The goal has been met, but the sale continues through today. (Do check the time zones; MacHeist time is not EST).

MacHeist Bundle, 2009