Friday, May 01, 2009

Resources for Authors and Publishers at The Creative Penn

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Information overload is one of the great curses and blessings of our Internet age. Before the Net, getting information was difficult, expensive, inconvenient — or all of the above. Now that we have too much information, the game is changed. The problem is to keep out the useless information, and to find the best sources for the subjects we want to explore.

Recently I exchanged interviews with Joanna Penn:

Joanna Penn interviews Michael Pastore

Michael Pastore interviews Joanna Penn.

Ms. Penn has a large following on Twitter, where she posts links to useful resources. In addition, she collects these resources — all about writing, publishing, ebooks, and independent publishing — and posts them to her blog, the Creative Penn.

Publishing: 82 brilliant links for writers, authors and publishers.

The resources here are informative and entertaining, and often contain good advice from experts in the fields.
books and projects by Joanna Penn

Penn has written a number of books, including two books about writing and marketing. Her latest project is Author 2.0.