Monday, January 25, 2010

Free Ebook Tells How to Get a Summer Camp Job in the USA

Everyone looking for a summer camp job in the USA will benefit from a new free ebook: Summer Camp Jobs USA Lite.

Published by Zorba Press, the new free ebook is in the PDF format, an can be downloaded from the Internet Archive.

Summer Camp Jobs USA LITE

This is the free LITE edition of Zorba's paperback and ebook: Summer Camp Jobs USA.
This free LITE edition contains the first 5 Chapters — 54 pages — of the full edition.

Summer Camp Jobs USA (the free LITE edition) is packed with detailed information and strategies about how to find the best jobs at American summer camps. The book explains:

  • 1] Why Bother? … Why You Should Work at a USA Summer Camp
  • 2] Know Thyself: How to Express The Real You on Paper, Pixels or Phone
  • 3] Paradise: Your Ideal Camp and How to Find It
  • 4] Job Hunting 101: How to Find the Jobs Using the Classic Methods
  • 5] Job-Hunting Super-List: 20 Websites for Finding Summer Camp Jobs
For more information, including the Table of Contents of the Full edition, visit the book's web page at the Zorba Press website: