Thursday, January 14, 2010

Summer Camp Jobs USA 2010

paperback cover of Summer Camp Jobs USA 2010

Getting a job is easy; getting a good job is not.

A new 204-page paperback book, published today, is packed with detailed information about how to find and land the best jobs at American summer camps. The paperback book is released simultaneously with ebook editions, which contain all the same information as the paperback, yet sell for only four dollars.

“There are about 12,000 summer camps in the USA,” says author Pastore. “And about 1.2 million jobs available at these camps. This book will help you to find a summer camp job that matches your unique personality, interests, and skills.”

Pastore calls his ebook editions “possibly the biggest bargain in contemporary publishing. The paperback is $ 20, and the ebook — containing all the same content — is four bucks. The ebook contains everything in the paperback book — except the paper!”

The ebook editions are available in two formats: PDF and EPUB. (Customers who purchase the ebook receive both formats, EPUB and PDF, for the one four-dollar price.) The PDF format is primarily designed for reading on desktop and laptop computers. The new EPUB format is primarily for iPhones, iPods, and a number of PDAs and ebook readers. “The EPUB format is the next big thing,” says Pastore. “It’s quickly becoming the industry standard, capable of being read on more and more software programs and hardware devices.”

Pastore insists that this 4-dollar ebook price is not temporary. “President Obama reminded us recently that the American people need to make some sacrifices,” said Pastore. “Reducing the price of your products and services is a good thing to do these days. If more people and more companies adopt this notion, it will help us all to get through these hard economic times.”

Pastore says that a good quality summer camp can be an important growth experience not only for children, but for summer camp staff. “Don’t miss the fun and friendship of camp,” Pastore advises. “A summer is a terrible thing to waste.”

To buy the book or ebook, to learn more, or to read the book's Table of Contents, visit the book's web page at the Zorba Press website:

Summer Camp Jobs USA 2010